I never really planned on hitting up the big tech sites but it’s nice to have some confirmation.

My original start-up, eNovella, and its latest incarnation, Jottify, have each been featured on TechCrunch…The day that eNovella was featured, we got 26 referrals from TechCrunch. The day that Jottify was featured – with a video and all the trimmings – we got 19.

I’ve ofter looked at Stumbleupon traffic in the same light. It gets you a bunch of page views which suck up your bandwidth but few (if any at all) come back. I’d rather have 5 people visit a site that become readers and supporters than 10,000 that stop by once and leave. I suppose that 10,000 views is a way to show big numbers to possible advertizers and swindle more money out of them though, so swindle away people.