I mentioned in [recent post][pay] that I ride my bike as a way to clear my head and ‘pay myself’ each week. Really if your not taking the time off that you need each week then your doing your clients a disservice since you’ll never be able to apply your full brain power to the problems that they are paying you to solve.

Today I just wanted to share some images of the stuff that recharges me while I’m riding. The images have larger versions if you’re really interested.

Tamihi Creek - Chillwack BC
Tamihi Creek – Chillwack BC
Cultus Lake - BC
Cultus Lake – BC
Old Baldy - Kimberly Ontario
Old Baldy – Kimberly Ontario
Random Farm Sideroad - Meaford Ontario
Random Farm Sideroad – Meaford Ontario

[pay]: https://curtismchale.ca/2012/04/06/the-most-important-thing-to-do-each-day/ “The Most Important Thing to do Each Day”