I just came across Take Five which is an app designed so that you don’t sit in silence while working. It’s happened to all of us, we are working then get distracted for a second and stop our music so that we can attend to the other item. Once we get back to work we forget about the music and work in silence for some period of time. Take Five is supposed to remind you to put that music back on, but it operates on a false premise.

Take Five assumes that the silence is a bad thing, which it is not. Putting aside all the arguments about always having noise on or tech getting in the way, forgetting to put music back on may just mean you’re actually getting work done.

Think about it, you are so involved in whatever you are doing that you don’t even notice the silence. Being that involved in what you are doing is a good thing. If Take Five is on, it will remind you to turn on your music and break that involvement.

I must state, that I have not used Take Five and don’t plan on it I like my accidental silence.