I am working on a product, a product that I not only want to use but one that I hope enough others will want to use that I can drastically pull away from client work. You’ve most likely read [Clients From Hell][cfh] and I’m sure that any consultant (again not freelancer) can put client names to many of the quotes on the pages.

Recently on [Boagworld][bw], Paul and Marcus, talk about being a product company or a client company. They talk about the fact that most people that build sites bash their clients. There are talks everywhere stating how awesome it is to be a product company and ditch your clients. Then they ask you to think about why you really want to make a product?

If you want to make a product just to ditch clients, then you’re probably doing it for the wrong reasons. Really, you’re just changing a few clients for many clients (assuming that your building some sort of web service), all of which can complain.

I still am working on my products, but I’m also working to make sure that I’m building them for the right reasons, not just to avoid clients.

[bw]: http://boagworld.com/season/3/episode/s03e01/
[cfh]: http://clientsfromhell.net/ “Clients from Hell”