On a recent members podcast Shawn talked about the type Z personality, from a post by Sarah Bray. The short version of her post is that she only works for 90 minutes a day. She divides that 90 minutes in to 15 minute blocks and devotes the first 4 to 4 items that are time sensitive. At the end of a 15 minute block, if she is enjoying the work, she just keeps working on what she is working on. In her own words here is the result of her work setup:

Then something magical happened. I got my mojo back. I started loving my job again. Since I don’t treat it like work, it doesn’t feel like work. Side bonus: I no longer waste time obsessively checking email or social media. Since I’m not resisting my work, there’s no reason to procrastinate. Hence, I’m more productive, and I feel like the luckiest person in the world, because I only work 90 minutes a day.

To me what is most interesting is how she figured out what makes her most productive and then uses it. She doesn’t really use any specific ‘system’ (though the astute among you probably notice this is similar to Pomodoro). She also may only work 90 minutes a day, which I love.

I admit I often find myself checking my email, twitter and other stuff in what really amounts to a way of procrastinating the work I really have to do. The reality is that I’m probably procrastinating because I’m not all that interested in it, or maybe I haven’t quite figured out what productivity looks like to me?

If you didn’t stop to read the whole article above then go do it, and maybe see if that is what productivity looks like for you.