So evidently some publishers think that apps are dead for publications and some don’t. Specifically Wired doesn’t think they are dead.

Now I am a Wired subscriber on my iPad and the experience is pretty decent. They certainly have the best experience when you compare to other magazines. That’s kind of like saying that a dude with only a broken arm is more self-sufficient that a guy with two broken arms.

The big problem with Wired is how long the whole thing takes to download, it’s all big images. There is no reason that Wired can’t be using HTML 5 in their iOS App, thus cutting down on the size of each issue.

Let’s not forget the fact that the App crashes every few times I am reading the magazine, and the download…

The pain in the ass during the download (which means you have to sit and wait for it to finish hundreds of MB’s) is enough of a barrier that it’s unlikely I’ll be renewing my Wired subscription.

I think that Apps at this time are not serving the readers. I think that HTML5 is the way to go, whether it be on a site or in the App itself. Either option shows way more respect for the user than what we currently have.