Now that I’m fully recovered from my [ride to Seattle][seat] I’m itching for a new epic ride in August. I’ve got the [Fraser Valley GranFondo][fvgf] in July and I want to have a decent amount of time to train for the next epic.

I’m thinking that I need something longer than the 200km to Seattle, and harder. My current contender is riding Little Mountain, Hemlock, Sumas, Chilliwack, and Elk ([possible route][route]). This includes all of the major paved peaks in the Fraser Valley for a total of 225km of riding and somewhere in the region of 2000m of climbing. That means, really really hard, at least for me.

This route presents a fem minor logistical problems. The climb up Hemlock will be long and I’ll need to carry a extra water and food since I’ll be longer than 2 hours between possible refuel spots. Hemlock also has a bit of gravel on it. It’s packed gravel, but gravel is not super fun on a road bike, especially on the descent.

That’s about it really. I’ll probably carry more than 1 spare tube and possibly a spare tire but the rest is just more riding. I may need lights to start in the dark (or finish in the dark) but I’ve been on the bike in the dark before.

Anyone else have a suggestion for a local epic ride?

[seat]: “Riding to WordCamp Seattle”
[fvgf]: “Fraser Valley GranFondo”
[route]: “Fraser Valley Mountains”