Since I totally keep it a secret I’ll just let it out, I like bikes. I like everything about cycling culture and don’t feel like I get to enjoy quite enough of it.

Today I picked out a 4 awesome cycling videos, all with a different feel and about different parts of cycling. Enjoy!

### A Little Hipster, but still well shot

### A bit about Brussells and Congestion from a Bike Messenger

A part of cycling culture that particularly has me interested is being a bike messenger. Rain or shine these guys and girls are out in major cities with heavy loads on their back’s dodging traffic and getting it done.

### You Thought the Tour de France is Hard Now?

Yup 100 years ago they’d do 320km in a stage and 6000 meters of climbing. Watch Rapha (who does great videos) send a crew along one of the longest hardest stages in Tour history. You’ll even learn some awesome Tour history.

### And now a Few Tricks

I come back to this one all the time. Danny is an amazing rider and the video as one of the best shot ever. The music matches the tricks and shots perfect.