So Johan Bruyneel [responded][res] to the whole Chris Horner misunderstanding. It seems that not everyone may have been quite truthful in what they knew about and did not know about in regards to the requirements laid out by the team to be included in the Tour de France.

I don’t actually care where the truth lies in this, as I said [a few days back][art] the real issue in my mind is the public face the team it putting on. It’s entirely unprofessional.

I still think that Bruyneel needs to get a handle on RadioShack Nissan Trek. The team seems totally out of control. Sure the lack of results is a stress on everyone, but get over it and work as a team. You don’t even all have to like each other to act like professionals.

I have to ask, why didn’t Horner get on the phone and ask Bruyneel about the decision and ask them to clarify it? Misunderstandings happen, it’s how we react to them that shows our true character. I don’t think that ma’am number of members of the team have shown the character they should recently.

[res]: “Bruyneel Clarifies RadioShack Stance on Horner Decision”
[art]: “Can RadioShack Nissan Trek Survive its Dissent?”