I’ve gone over my back up solution before. If you’re not backing up in 3 spots with one offsite, then you’re simply doing it wrong. Seems there is a lawyer in my country of Canada who was doing it wrong and now wants Apple to pay for his stupidity.

The short version of the article is that he got a Time Capsule and it failed after 3 years. It wasn’t under warranty and the data wasn’t recoverable. Then before he found a way to back up his iPhone it died and he lost photos of his kids birth. Now he says it’s Apple’s fault and is suing them.

So let me get this straight. He had an iPhone that he didn’t backup in iTunes or iCloud and it failed and now he wants Apple to pay him because he was an idiot? I suppose it makes it easy because he is a lawyer and can get frivolous lawsuits out, he doesn’t have to pay anyone.

The dude is an idiot. If you’re relying only on a Time Machine backup your not safe. Use a drive clone, and back up offsite with a service like Carbonite. Don’t be an idiot.