Peter Sagan vs Mark Cavendish – Finally a Sprint Competition

Typically I’m not much in to the sprint stages in the [Tour de France][tdf] races, actually in any race. They follow a predictable path.

1. There is a breakaway
2. It’s caught in the last few km leaving everyone to wonder why it even happened
3. Sprint to the finish and [Cavendish][cav] takes it

At least that’s how it’s happened in the past. I don’t think that the first 2 points will change this year, but who is going to take the bunch sprints? I think it’s going to be Peter Sagan vs Mark Cavendish for the sprints.

If I had to go all in on someone it would be [Peter Sagan][sagan] this year. He has simply been on fire and that [Liquigas-Cannondale][liq] lead out train is finely tuned. It seems to be in much better shape than the lead out train of [Sky][sky]. Watching Sagan in the [Amgen Tour of California][atoc] was awesome. He road himself back in to the peleton after wheel changes, and simply dominated the whole field. Then add his stellar performance in the [Tour de Suisse][tds] prologue, where [he won by 4 seconds][tds1] over former World Time Trial champ [Fabian Cancellara][fb], and you simply realize he is in top shape this season.

Sagan is going to be a hard one to beat this year.

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