Like many web devs, I work locally. That means all of my current projects are running on my laptop with MAMP (MAMP Pro for me) and I can work on them even if I’m offline. I also domain map, which means the location of this site on my laptop is and my laptop just knows to where to get the files off my local filesystem.

I’ve had issues testing mobile devices with this set up though. Specifically the domain mapping presents issues with mobile testing. Looks like Adobe has fixed this scenario.

Adobe Shadow allows you to pair your mobile devices with a local browser and then they follow the navigation path of it. This means I can have my iPad, iPhone and Mac all seeing the same thing at the same time without switching to different devices. Really you need to watch the video to get the full experience.

This is the first Adobe product that I’ve been excited about in a while. The rest of their stuff just doesn’t hold new features that I want.