[Technosailor][tech] just posted a great article surrounding [his thoughts on WordCamp SF and WordCamp Central][sf].

It’s a well reasoned post about some of the ways that WordCamp’s in general and WordCamp SF get treated differently. There are growing pains right now with how things are treated, I’ve seen some first hand (in the form of emails to WordCamp organizers from Central). I think that there needs to be some change and hopefully this helps us step towards that.

The larger issue is the ‘jaded’ community. I talk to a dev or two each month that is fed up with large segments of WordPress. It’s nothing to do with the software, more to do with how things are governed. If there is a chink in the WordPress ‘armour’ this is it. I wonder when we have a tipping point where devs decide it’s easier to fork WordPress, and enough people agree that the fork has more momentum than WordPress?

No matter where you fall read the article and the comments.

[tech]: http://twitter.com/technosailor
[sf]: http://technosailor.com/2012/07/12/competing-interests-wordcamp-sf-and-the-wordpress-foundation/ “Competing Interests: WordCamp SF and the WordPress Foundation”