So the latest news regarding RSNT (RadioShack Nissan Trek) is that [Frank Schleck had an Adverse Analytical Finding][find] (legalese for possible doping). No the B sample hasn’t been tested and there may be [more to it than we think][cyctips], but the headlines read Frank Schleck was caught doping.

No matter what happens with Frank (and I do hope it’s a mistake, somehow) RSNT has been doing some serious damage to the image of cycling. Riders have complained to the UCI about not getting paid, there was a decent dust up with Chris Horner and his lack of Tour de France selection, and don’t forget the public complaints between the Schleck’s and Bruyneel. Then to top it off we have all the stuff with Lance and Bruyneel and drugs and the USDA.

Not too long ago [I questioned][que] whether the team could survive all the crap it has going on, and this latest development just adds to my wondering. Really it moves my wondering to a solid thought. I kind of hope that RSNT doesn’t survive, at least in it’s current form.

### Damage to Cycling as a Whole

With all this bad publicity going around I have non-cycling friends approaching me to ask about doping with the team (they reference the players but don’t know names). Inevitably I work to defend cycling and how clean it is (citing Garmin Sharp and Ryder) but my friends hold firmly to the position that cyclists are dopers, at least at the elite level. In there minds it’s only a matter of time till we get positive results on the winners of this year’s Giro and Tour. I think all cyclists can agree that this is not the public image we want for our sport.

I’d rather have RSNT fail than have them continue to drag the sport of cycling through the mud. Yes there are a number of riders that have not contributed to this soap opera farce and they would be left hanging trying to find work for the next season. I certainly don’t want anyone to struggle to feed their family, but I’d rather have them be out of cycling than have RSNT add damaging drama.

### What We Want

The drama in cycling should come from the racing. What we want is to see the ‘underdog’ win (like Ryder) or at least put up one hell of a fight. We want to see Mark Cavendish duck and weave his way between other’s wheels to get that sprint victory withour the Highroad train. We want to see sportsmanship like Sky showed when Cadel Evans flatted.

All the rest of this garbage ruins it for everyone and needs to stop.

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