Unfortunately the world of cycling is filled with stories of riders taking lots of drugs to gain performance advantages. The ones you really hear about are the big names, like Tour Winner Floyd Landis. The reality is that there are more riders suspended in the “recreational” ranks for doping then at the pro level.

VeloNews has a pretty decent article talking with one such rider. It’s certainly an interesting look in to the psychology of someone that chooses to dope. I remember reading about this cyclist when he was caught and was wondering what exactly pushed him to use performance enhancing pharmecuticals. I’m not sure I’ll ever truly follow the logic, but it’s nice to read a story with admission and zero excuses.

Ask think about racing with a license next year I wonder about doping. My real concern comes from the worry of inadvertently doping. Some basic over the counter medication can produce positive results. I’d never dope intentionally so I’ve got some reading to do about banned medications.