Let’s face it, most blogs look pretty similar. Sure they have different colours, but layout…the same. I design and build websites for a living so finding unique ways to show content is awesome.

Today I was looking for an article from Elliot Jay Stocks on syncing multiple Macs (here it is if you’re interested). Hitting his blog page I was instantly put off by the wall of titles grouped in to years, then I started thinking a bit more. I was pretty sure the article was 2011, and I had a guess at the probable title (something with sync and Macs). Within about 60 seconds I found the article. No search was needed, I didn’t use the browser ‘find’ to get it, I just scanned the titles.

My first reaction was wrong. It’s easy to find articles and it’s a pretty way to show the content. I’d love to know if there was user testing data on it.