My wife wrote about lacking motivation for running. I’ve certainly been there for cycling. It’s rare that I have issues getting myself out on a planned bike ride, except for a few times a year.

During those times I simply have no motivation at all. Most often this is during the winter when it’s raining lots in Chilliwack. I use the rain as an excuse, but really I love riding in terrible weather. There is just something about rule #9 that I love.

More likely, at least for me, is that so many commitments build up around Christmas and New Year’s that I’m just overwhelmed. Way to much to do and then riding feels like a chore, something I have to fit in to my day.

The best way to get out of the funk is to set a goal of some sort. Pick a big hard ride to do and a day to do it. Then train for it. Doesn’t have to be a real race, just something that will make you push yourself.

Any other tips on staying motivated? Doesn’t have to be sport related either.