Many (probably most) of you may have read this already. It’s called the Hacker’s Manifesto and it’s a great read. I confess that I had never seen it before. I was 6 when it was written.

I fit lots of the things in the list. I did decent in school when someone could keep me interested. I didn’t do my assignments but got 90%+ on tests. Not doing assignments means you don’t get good marks (or fail some classes).

I barely passed Math 10, in fact I got a grace pass from the teacher because there was no way I knew that much a week prior to the exam. He figured I worked really hard to get 70% on the exam. In his books that was good enough for neither of us to have to suffer through me in Math again. Math was just boring, at least all that stuff with letters in it.

In my mind you could always tell the good teachers based on my marks. I would typically have a bunch of 55%ish marks and a bunch of 90%+ marks. Same subject different years could flip which end of the spectrum it was on.

I did better in college, graduating with a BA in Counselling. It was challenging and interesting. I love to learn, but public school was boring.

Programming I learn daily. New techniques are needed to solve each problem every day. Most of what I do is something I’ve never quite done before. Every developer I’ve talked to says the same thing, we do things than don’t have a 100% analogy yet because this specific set of requirements hasn’t come up yet.

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