For a while now there has been a push to get a co-working place setup in Abbotsford. I’ve seen a bunch of interest from other developers and designers in the area. As is the case with many things like this, it doesn’t seem that when SwitchCube asked for money for the first month that many people were as interested as they said.

Right from the first call for money, I jumped in for a pack of passes. I live in Chilliwack and have to pick my daughter up from daycare at the end of everyday and we only have one car. Getting out there more than once a week doesn’t suit really, but I put my cash down to get SwitchCube off the ground.

To try and jump start SwitchCube they have set up an Indegogo Campaign. I’m jumping back in with my $100 contribution for a pack of passes. If you want a co-working place not in Vancouver then get over and get some passes early.