One of the most important things to get right on your bike are the tires (or tyres if you swing that way). They are your connection to the ground. A great set will let you ride fast, safe and stay relatively flat free. A bad set will leave you feeling nervous on fast corners or go flat if you look at them sternly.

Today I’m going to review the Giant P SL-2 front and rear tires in 25mm size. All told, between 2 sets, I’ve put about 8000km on the tires in the last year.

Giant P SL-2

First off the tires always rode well. They handled a bit of chip seal with some give, but always felt like they hooked up with the pavement coming down our local mountains at 70km/h or more. The cornering was superb, I never felt like I was loosing a corner because of a lack of tire performance.

My big issue with the tires were flats. The fastest I went through a rear P SL-2 was 1 week. The longest a rear ever lasted was 2 months. I had a set of Gatorskins around as winter tires so I swapped them on and never flatted again. I was able to ride both front tires till they were simply worn out and the performance never degraded as far as I could tell.


One of the issues I had with the tires was getting them back on the rim. I can hand mount Gatorskins Ultremo’s and a host of other tires with little grunting. No matter how hard I grunted, hand mounting always failed with the Giant P SL-2. I continually had to resort to a tire lever to get that last bit on the rim. Even having them on for a while made no difference, they were always a bear to get off and on.


Ultimately this is not the tire for me. I was always getting flats and that simply makes the tire utterly useless no matter how fast the tire is otherwise. Nothing is slower than a flat tire.

If your riding in debris free areas then the Giant P SL-2 is a great fast tire. It will corner well and treat you to a smooth ride. If you have any chance of some debris steer clear. You’re just going to have to replace them fast.

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