Last week there were a number of articles that showed how terribly the UCI is managing the sport of cycling. Seriously, put some treats on top of paper with ideas on it and let my choose based on which one she eats first. You’re going to get management just as well planned.

Domestiques with no Points

First up is Domestiques not getting contracts because they have no points. If you don’t know cycling then here is a quick note. A Domestique is a rider that basically does all the dirty work, like sit in the wind and make pace so the team leader can take a break behind them. Then when their spent they trundle along to the end. None of the cycling stars would be winning with the frequency they do without domestiques. Look at Wiggins in the Tour, you almost never see him as the point man, he’s sitting in the draft of his teammates conserving energy for when it matters most.

Now since Domestiques aren’t winning races, they have no points. Under the much maligned points system if your team doesn’t have enough points they may not continue to be a top team. Doesn’t matter that you did the job assigned all year, you’re still out on your ass for doing your job.

Stupid SLAPP Lawsuits

Next up is the stupid lawsuit against Paul Kimmage. Red Kite Prayer has a great article explaining it all. Go read it I’ll wait.

Now you’re back, do I need to say anything else? Nope, pure waste of money that people pay for their UCI memberships.

That’s all the stupidity I can stand. It does make me wonder about racing next year. Do I really want to purchase a license and help support an organization run by monkey’s in ties?