First off, props to @matthewlang for pointing out this article which inspired the post. If you’ve been reading for a while you know I’m trying to grow my readership with the far future intent of writing more than I’m coding. Really I want to stop trading time for money and I enjoy writing lots.

To that end I continually throw ideas around in my head about how to get more subscribers. See there is a decent amount of daily traffic to the site, but I haven’t seen much subscriber growth (if FeedBurner Stats are to be believed) for a while now. What I’ve been thinking is that for someone to move from a run-by reader to a subscriber is consistency.

I think back to my first encounter with Shawn Blanc was his Yojimbo review. Then over the course of a few weeks/months I found other articles on his site that I enjoyed. At some point finding Shawn’s writing made me think, why don’t I just subscribe and get all his writing.

So that’s what I’m trying to achieve, consistently good/interesting writing. I’d like to think that I’ve got my ‘voice’ down now. I try to put my tone in each post.

Good writing has the essence of its author in every sentence

So past that I keep writing, and writing and writing. The hardest part is finding time in the day to write. Really I’m lucky, my boss is me, I don’t really get myself in trouble for spending an hour writing in the middle of the day as long as I get a bunch of work done too.