Below is the text of an email I sent to Omega Pharma Quick-Step this morning in support of Levi Leipheimer. We all need to call Omega on this so that they realize fans aren’t going to stand for doping.


Dear Omega Pharma Quick-Step board and Patrick Lefevere

As you well know, cycling has had a dark past filled with doping and drugs. This past has been driven by a “don’t ask don’t tell” culture enforced by teams and management. You have reinforced this no talking policy with your firing of Levi Leipheimer.

I am deeply troubled to see you punishing a rider for coming clean. Do you really think that any of your other riders will ever come clean if they had a doping past? You know they won’t and I can only surmise that you want it this way.

It is my hope that Omega Pharma Quick-Step reverses its decision and comes out publicly saying that any of its riders are encouraged to come clean with the full support of the team.

Any action short of this and I hope you fold. I’d rather have a clean sport than one with a team that punishes riders for doing the right thing.