Poster (AppStore) is a new iOS blogging client on the block. First is absolutely beautiful. Way nicer to use for writing blog posts than WordPress for iOS. One of the big pluses for me is that Poster deals with Markdown fairly well. It doesn’t like when you link in the footer (at least it doesn’t preview properly) but it doesn’t totally garble all your Markdown formatting like WordPress for iOS has been known to do from time to time. The text you typed is the text it sends.

Yes WordPress let’s you manage a bunch of other things that Poster doesn’t have, but Poster has writing nailed. Well almost.

This is the third post I’ve written in about 30 minutes and each time I save I’m about to have a heart attack. See the verbiage used on the UI is scary.

Poster's misleading publish UI

See that, it says publish but the post is marked as a draft. Now I’m fairly certain that this isn’t going to post when I save it, but only because I just sweated it twice. It’s a nice app but they need to clean up that UI. How about ‘save as draft’ that would be kinder to my heart and those coming after me to try the app.

Outside of that, if you blog from iOS and have been looking for a nice way to get the posts in to WordPress get Poster and get an easy to use awesome app.