With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the Eastern US, we got a bunch of solid rain and wind in Southern Ontario. My family was on vacation and our planned flight back to BC out of Kitchener got cancelled, but WestJet made the scene so unclear we were paralyzed with indecision.

See on one hand we don’t want to drive 2 hours for a cancelled flight. On the other hand we don’t want the flight to suddenly get a green light and end up needing to pay for a flight because we missed the first one.

I also had no less than 5 client emails wanting to book phone calls. I was stuck though. Was I flying today? How about tomorrow? Wednesday? I didn’t know so couldn’t commit to anything.

Finally a Decision

After an hour on hold we got a WestJet rep who thought we might fly the day after planned. “Thought” wasn’t good enough for me. I can’t plan calls and site launches on a thought. So I made a decision and booked our flight for Friday. Now that there was a planned flight again I could book my week up easily.

I’ve been a bit paralyzed recently with my business as well. On one hand it’s pretty simple/easy work to build WordPress themes. On the other hand I enjoy working on web apps built on WordPress. So as I look at launching myself as an agency instead of a solo freelancer where do I concentrate?

Well I did decide, I’ll be launching the company site as an agency focussed on building web applications on WordPress. Yes I’m sure we’ll still build themes from time to time, but the top thing we’ll be looking for is large scale applications. Now that a decision is made I can go ahead with copy and design.

Sure making that decision meant that I’m saying ‘no’ to some Rails work since we’ll be using WordPress as the base platform but it brings clarity.

So what decision is paralyzing you from action?