With the whole Lance Armstrong thing blowing up in the cycling world teams are scrambling to make sure that they’re not going to get caught up any scandal in the future.

Team Sky is the big name out right now. They’ve enforced a policy that any team member be it a rider or staff has been involved in doping at any point they need to confess and loose their job.

Now we could talk a bunch about how riders may or may not have had a real choice in the matter but the real issue is Team Sky enforcing the old Omerta policy.

Omerta being the policy of not talking about it.

How many riders are going to talk about their involved doping practices if it means loosing their jobs? How many are going to risk putting their families out of food? Not all that many.

I think that Team Sky should be giving riders and team members a last chance to confess. Once that times has passed, enforce the job loss policy. Doing it before does no real good for cycling. I’m not the only one that thinks this either.