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Misk.com DNS Setting – Big Bag O Crap

There are a lot of crappy domain registrars out there. Today I want to take a moment to highlight Misk.com.

To start Misk charges you $10/year for most domains but has decided Canadians have more money and charges them $20/year. Pricing for .ca is a bit steep for me, but just wait it gets better.

Misk.com DNS setting are crap
Misk.com DNS setting are crap

Yes you see that right in the screenshot. After you pay your $10 or $20 you have to pay $25/year to have access to your DNS records???


You may not know any better, but there is no reason for that. Go to Hover and register for $15 (10% off if you use ‘Windows’ as a coupon code for the Windows Weekly show I have no association with). Guess what, you get it all and you get someone that will pick up the phone if you’re calling on EST business hours.

In fact, don’t upgrade your Misk domain. For $10 hover will transfer the domain for you and add a year to your current registration. Yes that means for $10 you can get access to your DNS information. That saves you money.

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