Here are a few times you never start moving a site around between servers.

  1. Afternoon – you don’t want to work all night right?
  2. Friday – you don’t want to work all weekend right?
  3. The day before you show the site to an important potential client

The third item is what sparks today’s post. I moved a site on a Thursday recently. Every thing seemed to go fine after a day of wrangling and 1&1 (never use either). Then Friday at 7:20am I get a call.

It would seem that the client never mentioned that he was showing the site (or at least wanted to) to a crucial client. Of course he was freaking out about the site having a few issues. I can’t blame him and I want the site to show well to his clients so he keeps making money and keeps giving me some.

Here’s the thing, I should be in the loop on all major client showings. I wouldn’t push a major feature the day before you were going to meet with clients either. It’s simply a recipe for disaster and stress. I’m not sure about you but I try to find ways to decrease my stress levels, not ways to increase it.

Don’t screw over your developer please. If you do it a few times they’re simply going to move on to the next client in line and you’re going to be looking for a developer again.