While sitting in the Calgary Airport watching 5 people try to get on 2 outlets to charge their phones I was yet again appreciative of my Mophie JuicePack Air (Amazon). I don’t travel much but it is one of the essential pieces of gear I have for travel.

I don’t have to fight over outlets to charge my phone, I just flip the switch on the Mophie and get another full charge for my phone.

The second essential item I have for nomadic working is my Belkin Surge protector (Amazon). 3 outlets, 2 USB port and a 360 swivel on the plug prongs. If I had been wanting space on the outlet I would have just pulled out the Belkin and taken 1 outlet to 3 plus 2 spots for charging USB items. It makes for happy travellers all around.

So what are your essential items for travel or conferences?