I haven’t been very secretive lately, I’m writing and ebook. The book is targeted at WordPress developers who can build a theme but aren’t always sure of best practices. The question is:

When do I do a pre-release?

Do I wait till all the chapters are through first draft? Do I get it out just as soon as I stop typing each chapter? Do I give a discount for those that get in early since, in theory, they’re going to mention some issues with the book that I can correct later?

I don’t have answers to any of it. I have heard that if you’re not a bit ashamed of a book/product when you get it out to people, you waited too long to get it out.

So, expect to see something I’m a bit ashamed of in the coming weeks.

If you’ve got some experience/opinions that you want to share about releasing an book in it’s early stages, I’d love it if you shared it.