I have some idyllic family scene in my mind. Parents are sitting and reading the paper, while kids chat and have cereal. Now dad accidentally spills his coffee and is upset about wasting a newspaper, which is now sodden.

Of course today’s paper is a tablet of some sort and as I found out, that paper is way more expensive. No I didn’t actually destroy my iPad, but I did spill a cup of coffee over it.

Disconnected from What is Happening Closest

I do love how my electronics can get me information from the world over. If I want to know what’s happening in Australia, it’s a few taps away. But this access to more and more information has made me less in touch with my local environment.

I can’t think of the last time I actually sat down and read my local newspaper. In many ways, what’s happening down the street is more important to me that what is happening a world away.

Even when I take a look at the wider news field of Canada, it’s been a rare day when I go through the news for my country. Certainly what is happening in Canada has way more impact on my than what is happening in some far flung place.

Attempts at Connecting Again

So with that in mind I’ve started to make an effort to connect with my local newspaper again. I’ve also added a few Canadian feeds to my Flipboard pages. As a Canadian citizen, I need to know what is happening politically in my country. I need to know what the issues are in my city.

Am I the only one that is more and more disconnected from the happenings closest to them?