One of the crucial steps when I build your site, is figuring out your business goals as well as figuring out what the success metrics are for the site.

So before we start to get the project rolling I want to know how we are measuring the success at the end. Then we filter all the decisions on the project through that lens.

Goals cannot be vague. Vague goals are not goals; they are dreams and wishes, and you don’t want the end up being one of these dreamers who do nothing. You can’t simply say I want to lose weight; that is not specific enough. YOu can’t say you want to be better educated; that is not measurable or specific. “I want to make more money” is a dream and won’t happen, because while “more money” is measurable, it is not specific.

I bring this up today, because while I’m strict on this with my clients I’ve let my own business slide by without any concrete goals. Last year I said I wanted to make more money, and never defined what more was. So have I made more money, sure I did but not near what I had vaguely planned in my head.

Next year I’m putting my business goals down on paper and putting that paper up on the fridge. Then the wife and I can see it, and see the month by month progress. Then she can help keep me accountable to them instead of me just having some vague sort of non-committed plan in my head.

Are you setting business goals? Are you writing them down and putting them up where you see them everyday? Is someone important to you in on the goals and able to keep you accountable? Lets make this a year when we are accountable and actually meet the goals that were just in our head.

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