There are a few articles and podcasts episodes that come across my desk every 3 months. These are all things that changed my outlook on something I do daily, and continue to do so.

So here’s the list.


Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule: This article very accurately describes how much a meeting really costs a programmer in a day. The take away is, don’t schedule many meetings if you want to really get things done.

Growing One’s Consulting Business: Stop charging for hours, charge for business value. Charging strictly for hours will never get you ahead the same way charging for value will. This idea is one of the big ones I’m trying to work with this year as I try to increase my income.


A Successful Git Branching Model: Even if you know Git well, read this. If you’re just starting with Git, read it next week, then read it again. Each time I’ve read it there has been just a bit more that I’ve taken away and added to my Git worflow.

Ruby Rogues, Coding Disciplines: One of the things I love about the Ruby programming world is their dedication to excellence. I only feel like this excellence is just starting to come to the WordPress community. Dan is super smart, you need to listen to what he does to try and ensure he writes good code.

That’s it, 4 articles. There have been other ‘good’ articles that have come my way, but nothing that has been as revolutionary as the 4 above.

Am I missing anything phenomenal?