If you don’t know it I released my first product last week, a book called Becoming a WordPress Development Professional. Along with the book has come requests for review copies.

This is something I’ve been unsure about how to deal with. On one hand, I’m happy to give out review copies to get the book out to a wider audience. On the other hand I don’t feel like giving out a bunch of ‘free’ copies that never get reviewed.

So my approach thus far has been to get them to prove to me that they have readers that are my target audience and are primed to buy.

Any transaction has to have an ROI. For me on the book ROI is sales. Sure a free copy is just bits, but it still has a cost. I put 100’s of hours in to it and I’d like to recoup that in some fashion.

So no, random requests from people that have no readers aren’t going to happen.