I looked at my January income but wanted to give you a better behind the scenes look at how the month almost went.

Things Change Fast

Looking at the last week of January I was sitting at around $6k of income in the month. I had some outstanding invoices that were due in February that would put me over my monthly goal of $8k. But they weren’t due till February so I just wasn’t sure if I’d get paid in January.

My January recap was almost a post about just falling short of my goals.

‘Small’ clients

Then I talked to one ‘small’ client. They needed some not super technical work really and I didn’t think it would be a big contract. Once I started digging in to the code on their site I found a bunch of problems.

So that ‘small’ client has turned in to a very big project. If I had just assumed they were small and not charged what I think I’m worth (which is what I almost did just to get the project) it would have stayed a small project. I would have done the work, but at a fraction of the cost.

So I’m saying, don’t be afraid to value you time properly. Charge what you think your time is worth. Those ‘small’ fish may just turn out to be big ones.