Take Yourself out of the Loop

I’ve been very busy with work lately and many of my regular tasks have been falling by the wayside. To try and make things faster/easier I’ve turned to IFTTT and now I wonder why I waited so long.

What I’ve Automated

AMA Podcast

One of the big things I’ve been missing has been the AMA style video posts I started. My old process was to record with Screenflow, render it to YouTube. Render a second copy and upload it to Blip.tv. Then I needed to create the blog post in WordPress and copy/paste media files, write a description…

It was a bunch of work.

Now with IFTTT I record and render the screencast directly to YouTube. That creates a post in WordPress which uses the title and description I set in YouTube. I still have to render it again so I can have a media file for the podcast feed, but here we have Hazel jump in. It watches a folder and automatically uploads it to Libsyn for me.


I haven’t actually missed Evernote but using IFTTT I now can easily send my starred Google Apps emails to Evernote. So client emails that need to be tracked for later just head to Evernote with a single star.

Facebook Content

So WP Theme Tutorial has a Facebook page and I need some regular content for it. Using IFTT and Google Reader I can tag an article with #fb and that will show up in Hootsuite as a draft post. Then it’s simply a matter of sitting down on the weekend and scheduling the posts for the coming week.

More Evernote

A second channel in to Evernote is from Google Reader. There is about 1 article per week in my RSS feeds that I really want to track. Starring it in Google Reader will send it to Evernote.

What Can You Automate

The whole point of automating is to take myself out of a bunch of the manual processes. Starring something is as easy as pressing the ‘s’ key. Before I had to visit the site, and then press the Chrome Evernote button. In the case of an email, I had to copy the text then copy a link to the email and paste it all in to Evernote. Sure we’re talking about saving a few seconds on each task, but that adds up over a week.

What are the items you can take yourself out of the loop on?