Panic came out with something that looks really cool in Status Board, at least for teams. I work 99% of the time by myself and that makes Status Board cool, but not useful.

I have no desire to see my incoming emails (I keep all badges and notifications off already). Twitter should be time boxed so I don’t want to see a stream of tweets, nor do I care about my daily metrics on Twitter (like my most popular posting hours).

Calendar, maybe. At least that doesn’t change all the time so it might be a good reference.

RSS reading should really be time boxed as well, though I could see a use for a feed of support tickets.

That leaves me with the custom panels. Maybe tracking my hours worked and seeing what times/days I get the most work done? For me that would mean hooking up to Ronin and polling then building my JSON file. Maybe I could build something around Trello and task accomplishment?

There certainly are a bunch of possibilities, but I can’t find one that really seems to justify the cost of the app.

(I am by no means saying charging is bad, I just can’t see what I’d use it for. We should be paying for good apps and software.)