Well Ghost is up on Kickstarter and I’m pretty excited about it. I think that WordPress is just too much for regular old ‘blogging’ and Ghost looks great.

I’ve got a few personal concerns though.

  1. I run a WordPress consulting business seems I really should be eating my own dog food when it comes to my site.
  2. I wonder about ways to monetize your site on Ghost. Many many blogs don’t monetize (this one really doesn’t) but many do. Will Ghost work if you want to make a bit of money with your site?

Really that’s about it. I love the mobile friendly admin UI (WordPress Admin UI is terrible on a mobile device) and the ease of use. WordPress should be learning a few lessons about mobile UI here.

Disclaimer: My current Kickstarter budget is gone so I’m not presently backing the project. If a funding level that matches my budget is still around when I have some money I will be backing it.