Matt Swanson has a great article about the words “I don’t have time”.

But do you have an hour to outline a table of contents? Could you write 500 words today? How about emailing five bloggers that might be interested in reviewing your book this week?

It took me months, but I was able to write and release an ebook about building stuff with WordPress.

99% of the time you say that you just don’t have the time what you should be saying is that you don’t care enough or you’re not willing to make the sacrifices.

There are plenty if things that would be nice to do, but I won’t sacrifice my time with my family. If I did I could contribute more to open source, which is a good thing to do.

Next time at least be honest with yourself. That thing, just isn’t a priority and that’s not a bad thing.

photo credit: mezone via photopin cc