I wrote last week about Plugging other Developers and how I think it’s an awesome way to market your services. No it’s not as fast but it builds long term fans.

he-man power of greyskull

Even better is that you can really make someone’s day when you say something good about them. By plugging someone else’s services I have the power to turn a crappy week in to an awesome week.

I’ve had a bit of a rough week. Nothing in particular has been going wrong. My clients are happy and have paid me on time. It’s just felt like a total run around and I don’t like just running around.

Then I opened up WP Engine’s interview with Tom McFarlin where he said I don’t get enough credit.

That totally made my tiring day awesome. It’s 3 hours later and I’m still happy to have read that.

With 1 paragraph. With 2 sentences in an email. With 140 character tweet. With a card.

Any of those items can turn a bad day for someone else in to something that is purely awesome.

I hope you use your power at least weekly, daily is even better.