Focus is damn hard. I’ve got about 10 ideas for businesses and products slamming around in my head today alone. Most are crap but there are bound to be a few gems and maybe even one that takes hold.

I’m awesome at starting projects. Take the book I wrote in the last 2 weeks. It was about 12 – 15 days of awesome work to get the text down. Then I let editing slip a few days but I got to it.

Now I need to get a book cover and get someone else to edit it for me. Then I need to get all the interior formatting done and I need to figure out if I sell it here or on my WordPress tutorial site.

In all honesty I feel like it would be way easier to just move on to another cool idea. That doesn’t move me forward really though. That just keeps me excited.

Excitement does not equal progress!

So I’ll continue to do the real hard work of getting this book out and not just rely on initial excitement to fuel my fire.

It’s the finishing of things that sets the talkers apart from the successful. I don’t want to be a talker.

photo credit: dsevilla via photopin cc