What are you selling me? Yeah sure it’s a service and you’ve got features but that’s not what really sells me on your product.


Take a look at WPtroubleshooter, what are they selling? On the surface they’re selling security, backups, development, spam clean up and a few other things.

But that’s not what they’re really selling – at least that’s not what I think they should be selling.

They’re really selling a dream. That dream is: I don’t have to deal with or worry about all that crap anymore. That dream means if I pay for their service I can spend more time doing other cool things instead of updating plugins.

Features bah!

Sure you need features on your site to describe what your product does, just like a house needs a blueprint and design for you to look at. What you’re really buying though is the dream of your life in that house.

If I don’t have kids or a dog a huge yard just means that I’ve got more damn grass to cut. Not a great selling feature. If you can sell me on the dream that I could be living with that big yard you’ve got me.

Way to many products (in fact about 90% of the ones I see) including mine are selling on the features.

Start selling the dream that’s what I want to buy not a feature list.