Don’t be an Idiot: Learn to run a viable business” launches next week and it’s going to have 2 packages.

First will be the book and the second package will be the book and videos!

So many people have awesome advice about running a business and they were gracious enough to give interviews and share their perspective with us.

Here is a collection of snippets from the interviews so you can get a taste of what we talked about.

Videos FTW

We’ve got about 6 hours of video in total and out of that I pulled a snippet that really stuck out to me of each interview.

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Now watch some interview snippets and go forth and learn to run a better business.

Brad Williams

Brad gives some advice for those looking to jump out freelancing. JUST DO IT. There will never be a ‘right’ time and you will always find a reason not to do it.

Chris Lema

Chris talks about only seeing the success stories of entrepreneurs. We don’t see the failure but it happens.

Charles Max Wood

Chuck talks about the importance of his ‘platform’ as a tool that helped him get through the first year of freelancing. He has podcasts and a training site that are a continued source of clients for him.

Carrie Dils

Despite the plan the first year was a bit of a ‘seat of your pants’ affair.

Cory Miller

Cory talks about work/life alignment, none of this ‘balance’ crap. Your work and your life need to be in alignment or it’s like driving a car out of alignment. You are pulling yourself in two different ways and things are going to get wrecked.

Eric Davis

Eric talks about how his definition of success changed from ‘having money to eat’ to giving back and getting interesting projects.

Jesse Petersen

Jesse has some great suggestions around sniffing out great clients. It’s crucial to learn how to find good clients as fast as possible if you want to keep going for the long haul.

Kitty Florido

Keep clients around by going the extra mile. Just because you finished the project doesn’t mean you should be stopping the communication with clients. Do you email them good tips, how about birthday cards or engagement cards?

Don’t let your clients drop off the radar.

Shawn Blanc

Shawn talks about the best resource for his business is his CPA. He managed to save a bunch on taxes with a great CPA.

Tom McFarlin

Tom talks about his second year being about focus. Refine your services and opportunities will come along.