It’s funny how similar thoughts and conversations come up in your day. Over on Post Status last week there is an article about ManageWP starting a WordPress News site.

I said in the comments on the post (and on Google+) that I just don’t know about the site. It’s a ‘big’ company and I don’t really know anyone behind it. At least I don’t realize that I have a relationship with anyone at ManageWP.

I trust Post Status because I know Brian and he rocks. I have a relationship with him and trust him. ManageWP (and Torque really) seem to be some faceless entity pushing news.

Then iKitty came along

Then I was editing an interview I recorded this morning (August 14 as I write this) and realized that the part that really stuck out to me about Kitty’s awesomeness in freelancing is the extent to which she goes when working on relationships with clients.

Seriously watch the snippet below.

Yes that’s right, she sends birthday notes to clients. She makes note of engagements and births and recognizes them.

That on top of sending clients resources that help their business.

Business is about relationships

Your business is about the relationships you have with your clients. You are not a faceless entity. You are a freelancer or small business with a few employees. When you put effort in to relationships you give your clients reasons to want to work with you beyond the fact that you are good at your job.

It’s way to easy to sit behind our computer screens and forget that we need to make things personal.

I know that it’s something I need to work harder at.