This will not be the first article you’ve read about someone finding social media way to intrusive for daily life. All of us are on social media and most of us find it totally overwhelming at some point. When it hits that breaking point we try and take steps to turn it off.

For a small business owner with an employee of 1 (you) spending time on distractions directly affects your bottom line. If you (and me) aren’t billing clients we aren’t getting paid.

No pay may equal no mortgage payment.

My Phone and Tablet

After seeing Matthew Lang’s iPhone setup I was inspired. I had already been feeling easily distracted by my phone at times I shouldn’t have been (like pushing the kid on the swing) and it was a catalyst to simplify.

All of my devices should provide easy access to the tasks that are most useful on them. My iPad is an awesome tool for OmniFocus reviews and I had dumped OmniFocus on to some secondary page in favour of Twitter and other social media.

I had dumped the Kindle app in with comics.

My iPhone wasn’t setup any better. Prime placements were given to Twitter and, both places that I love but they are not (or should not be) the main thing I do on my phone.

In short I had set myself up to have unproductive time on my devices. Then when I was unproductive with them I’d stupidly wonder why?

What stops you?

We worry about our desks and making sure that we have the right keyboard and right mouse. I pay for my prefered development environment yearly (PHPStorm) because it allows me to be most productive with my time.

Then I turn to devices I spend a bunch of time on and let it all go to crap. I’m sure that you do it to.

How can you simplify your devices so that they are actually productive? If you’re not intentional with it you will continue to be unproductive.

You will only have yourself to blame.