How many times has a client come to you with an IDEA but is afraid that someone else will steal it? Sometimes they are even afraid that you are going to steal it.

How about yourself how many ideas do you have that you are afraid to talk about because someone might steal it?

The truth is that someone somewhere already has the same idea.

Holding off on your idea because someone might steal it only ensures that someone will do it before you.

I might die if I drive my car today but you don’t see me avoiding the car.

It’s raining outside and I might crash if I ride my bicycle. Those dang paint lines are like ice for a skinny tire road bike. I’m not skipping my ride because of something that might happen.

Focus on a different ‘might’

If you launch that idea you might also win huge and become a millionaire. Even if you don’t become a millionaire you might build a sustainable income for you and your family that gives you the freedom to do what you’ve always dreamed.

This world isn’t won by those that focus on the negative. If you’re just looking at the bad things that might happen you’re going to gravitate to those bad things.

If you spend your time focusing on the things that are awesome and might happen that’s the trajectory you’re going to set for yourself.

photo credit: Shenghung Lin via photopin cc