Brian and I had an exchange about our blogging histories. I figured that I’d round up some stats about my personal writing.

This site (personal)

My first blog post on this site was August 8 2008. It was a giveaway of some free Photoshop brushes. Since then I’ve written 664 posts.

My 664 posts are spread across 29 categories. No my categories didn’t get totally out of hand, I used to have many sites.

See I wanted to keep this site focused on WordPress development and design so I had a site about productivity and a site about cycling. No links because I merged those 2 years ago and write about pretty much anything I want here.

No this site isn’t really focused, unless you consider whatever I’m interested in a focus. Over the last 6 months many of my topics have been business and customer focused. Some highlights include:

This site has seen 103,000 pageviews since I started using stats. I see about 10k pageviews a month currently and a handful of comments.

WP Theme Tutorial

In September 2011 I decided that I needed to move my WordPress tutorials out to their own site and WP Theme Tutorial was born. With the addition of my cycling site and productivity site, I was simply drowning any decent WordPress content I had. I also had some ideas for products that I wanted to sell and felt that a dedicated WordPress site was the best vehicle to get that going.

WP Theme Tutorial has 189 posts spread across 13 categories. I’ve been much more careful about my categories there, but really I could reduce them and be a bit more focused on certain topics.

My total pageviews since I started tracking are 76,000 with a monthly average somewhere around 5,000.


Moving forward I’m going to keep both sites going as they are. Typically 5 posts a week here and 1 – 2 on WP Theme Tutorial. I’ve got lots of topics around so it shouldn’t be hard.

How about you? Care to share any stats?