Yesterday I recapped my 2013 and by all accounts it went pretty awesome. Today I’m going to look forward to my 2014.

Big Change

This year is going to have some big change for me. In about 3 – 4 weeks I’m going to welcome my second child in to the world. I’ve got a small 2 bedroom house and this new child is going to be sleeping in my room, which also doubles as my office.

Sure we’d love to upgrade to something larger but it’s super expensive in BC and most of our family is in Ontario. We keep saying that we’ll move back to Ontario and that we just need to save the money.

Hopefully this year we can.

With the new life coming in to my family I’m actually pretty much off till mid-February. I’ve got cash saved to pay myself through the end of March, but taking that time off means I’m going to have to bring in my income in the other months I’m working.

My second rather large change will be at some point in the middle of the year when my business incorporates. With the income I’m making now I can save myself thousdands a year in taxes by incorporating.

That’s going to mean new bank accounts and a bunch of other stuff.

2014 Goals

So what are my specific business goals for 2014?

  • Invoice $175k
  • Salary of $70 – 80k
  • 25% products income
  • 4800/month by June (as my personal salary)
  • Get 4 courses out and 1 paid plugin
  • Don’t get sucked in to work on Friday (happend a bunch in my big income months)
  • Enough work to need a full time contractor (as I said yesterday a bit on the fence about this one)
  • Have a proper 6 months salary which is 30k
  • Speak at 3 WordCamps one international
  • 2 other conferences – BeachPress and …something business
  • send out notes to my ‘good’ clients (basically thank you cards)

I’m planning to use my next 6 weeks to get out 1 plugin and get a WooCommerce course complete. So I won’t be doing client work but I’ll be pushing on personal stuff most days starting January 6th.

Hopefully that will get my income going for the year well. Now to learn some more about marketing so my sales don’t tail off like current products.

photo credit: Rooners Toy Photography via photopin cc