I’ve tried to hire out work a number of times and it’s really been a 50/50 split about it going well. Even many of the jobs that have gone well haven’t truly lived up to my expectations 100%.

As usual the problem is me.

I used to think as a young leader that I was wrong to micromanage when a quality person joined my team. As I have become very good at delegating I have realized that when someone first joins my team, until they prove their integrity and competency, it is not micromanaging at all but should be called training – EntreLeadership

See I’ve hired awesome developers and designers that have solid reputations. People I look up to and feel honoured that they want to work with/for me.

Of course someone of that calibre will be awesome right?

Of course they’ll naturally perform above my expectations. Right?

There has almost always been a bit of disappointment in the project. I’ve always had to do some work that I simply didn’t expect to do. I didn’t expect to do it because their so awesome they can handle it.


The simple fact is that I’ve failed them. I’ve given so much rope and so little direction (a task list is not direction people it’s simply a list) that all they can do is hang themselves just a bit.

I’ve shied away from diving in and managing them and getting daily check ups because it feels uncomfortable to check in on these superstars.

But they have no idea how I want to run my business and the face I want to show to clients. They have no idea how I work and what I think can be done in a week.

So what I’ve done is set them up to try and randomly match a set of expectations they have no idea about.


I’ve set them up to fail.

No one to blame but myself.

And I’m sorry.