Thanks to the awesome Chris Lema I’m the proud owner of a coffee mug from Startup Vitamins which I use daily.

The best part about it is the reminder it provides.


life is short do stuff that matters


Recently I was offered the opportunity to provide video training to Packt for a LESS CSS course. I didn’t solicit it, they found me and asked me to do it.

I must say I felt pretty awesome having a publisher come to me, but I said no.

It had nothing to do with the contract and everything to do with making sure I do stuff that matters to me and my business.

The course opportunity simply wasn’t an opportunity that moved me closer towards my goals and the projects I want to work on.

They weren’t asking me to teach about profiling WordPress applications or testing or building sites that scale at 20k users.

The types of sites I want to work on deal with all of the above issues. They don’t need or care about how to write LESS or that I know how to do it.

They want to know that I can build their custom application so that we won’t crush InfusionSoft API limits. They want to know that I can profile their WordPress site and save them seconds on page load in the WordPress admin. They want to know that I can get their team setup on custom Vagrant boxes and with a local/staging/live deployment process so we can test things before they go live.

What matters to you? Are the projects you’re taking matching with what’s important to you?

If no then why not?